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Clare Mendes is an Australian writer. She was born in Melbourne in 1967, and currently lives, works and plays in this beautiful city.

Her first novel, Drift Street, won the Angus & Robertson Fiction Prize and since then she has produced three more novels. Her latest creative offering is The Unvoiced Consonant , a story of love, failure and pigeons which she believes will fill you with hope.

Gripping reading! Really, I couldn’t put it down. But what was with all of that grammar?


kiosk roof, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Clare’s latest novel

The Unvoiced Consonant was launched in Melbourne in October 2015 during the Page to Stage festival of new writing, where Clare’s stage play The Agreement also enjoyed its first season.

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About "The Unvoiced Consonant"

Five loud-soft voices, seven trips into the past, at least thirty pigeons.

Frequent conversations with Alexander Pope, John Donne and Emily Dickinson (plus a flying visit to Patrick Süskind).

Plenty of truly awful poetry, more phonemes than you can poke a stick at, one weather machine who meets a grisly end, and five other murders which, in my opinion, could not have been avoided.

This novel makes pigeons out to be absolute morons.

That passage where Virginia and Molly are talking and Virginia rises up onto one leg – get your hand off it, Mendes.

Do your research. Seagulls go mono-leg, and so do storks and flamingos and the occasional duck – I have never known a pigeon to do it, and I live with 2,618 of them.


St Peter’s Square, Rome, Italy

Pigeons are both enchanted and repelled by The Unvoiced Consonant.
Read why.