One sunny day in 2013 Clare found herself traipsing along a dusty road in Peru, pondering the intricacies of the grammatical construction known as the Echo Question while studying a grey-crested pigeon bobbing along beside her. It appeared to be leading her somewhere.

When the pigeon took flight, she followed its ascent into the sky and watched with astonishment as it landed on a three metre-high concrete statue of a pigeon, at which time she had a moment of absolute clarity.

It was a good thing to have devoted an entire novel to language and pigeons, wasn’t it? Yes.

She should let the whole world read this novel, shouldn’t she? Definitely.

As an e-book, The Unvoiced Consonant can be read by women as they traipse along life’s dusty roads and by men as they rest at the side of them. On your phone, your e-reader, your iPad; on the plane that takes you to the next country, in the hotel that promises to greet you with love on arrival but it just… doesn’t.

Perhaps the thing you’ve been looking for is in this little book.