Trash Goes Down The River

Trash Goes Down The River


TRASH GOES DOWN THE RIVER is set on a ferry making its way down the Maribyrnong River. Its destination is Eden Gardens – a glittering new gated community, and the brainchild of Melody Freeburg. Melody has long dreamed of a residential paradise in which access is granted to those who deserve it but denied to those who do not – the winos, the junkies, the homeless. Yet here she sits on the top deck of this ferry, a homeless woman beside her. ‘Donna’, as they believe the woman to be called, is the step that went horribly wrong in Melody’s plan. As the doctors, lawyers and celebrity chefs who are making the lifestyle shift to Eden Gardens celebrate at a launch party on the lower deck, Melody watches over her charge. It’s a fitting punishment, she feels, for her latest failure. When she dreamed up Eden Gardens, she never dreamed that her husband Rich – Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne and with his own dream of improving the city – would insist that the homeless be given accommodation in their new community.

But Melody isn’t convinced that she belongs at Eden Gardens either. In a world that values perfection, she has always felt flawed, unworthy. In many ways, she feels herself to be as much a social outcast as Donna. As the ferry chugs towards her paradise, Melody reveals her insecurities to Donna, who shares elements of her own life story and the events that led to her becoming homeless. By the time the ferry is ready to dock, the beginnings of a friendship are forming between Melody and Donna have formed a friendship – a worrying development for Rich, who, despite his desire for an inclusive society, wonders whether a woman like Donna really should be allowed entry to their exclusive gated paradise …

TRASH GOES DOWN THE RIVER was performed at Bluestone Church Arts Space from 13th – 24th June 2017. Directed and Designed by Elizabeth Walley. Lighting by Bronwyn Pringle. Produced by Left Bauer Productions. Performances by Emma Cox (‘Melody’), Alec Gilbert (‘Rich’) and Clare Larman (‘Trash’). Running time: 80 minutes.





Opening Night highlights

Opening Night speeches

Trash Goes Down The River



TRASH was workshopped in a rehearsed public reading at La Mama Courthouse in July 2015, under its original title ‘Little Impurities’.
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The Agreement

The Agreement


Mathilda has a burning intellect, a thwarted dream and a very sharp knife.

Cindy has spellbinding beauty, a box of melting chocolates and an explosive secret.

A silent desert. A friendship feeling the heat. Tick. Tick. Tick.


THE AGREEMENT was performed from 7th – 18th October 2015 at La Mama Courthouse,
Carlton, as part of Page to Stage 2015.

Directed by Elizabeth Walley.

Performances by Emma Cox (Mathilda), Ciume Lochner (Cindy) and Alec Gilbert (Bob).

Set construction by Ian Cairncross. Sound/lighting by Mazz Ryan. Photos by John Edwards.

Running time: 70 minutes.

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Little Impurities

Little Impurities


Performed at the Monologue Soiree, Melbourne, November 2014.

TRASH GOES DOWN THE RIVER has its origins in this twelve-minute monologue, which was performed for the first time at the Monologue Soiree in November 2014 and again in March 2015.

Also in the program were works by writers Bruce Shearer, Kat Phynn, Katherine Phelps, Carmen Saarlaht and Jane Cafarella, with performances by a talented collection of actors.